Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Wolfpack will return for more boozy antics

It just shows you that even though a highly anticipated sequel to the highest grossing “R” rated comedy of all time can receive mixed reviews, it can still bring home a very sizeable return. I considered The Hangover: Part II to be, in it’s own right a funny film with some laugh-out-loud moments. But, and this a big but, as a sequel and following the exact the same blueprint of its predecessor with the exception of the location, it was utterly pointless and at times tiresome with fewer gags. The opening scene of Part II (who has part II of a hangover anyway…) was an exact replica of the original, the tone being ominous and dark – Was the director Todd Phillips on roofies himself whilst shooting the Wolfpack’s antics?! There was just a minimal amount of new and fresh material to play with bar the standout scene involving Stu and a ladyboy!

But back to the facts and figures. The film was released in the US on the Thursday before the long Memorial weekend, clever marketing you see as it went on to bring home over $137.3 million. If things carry on and progress, they could easily match or most likely surpass the original’s hefty totals. Surely a solid justification to plan ahead for Part III… yep, you’re spot on. The Road Trip director has said he is keen to continue and possibly end the franchise as a trilogy. Phillips was actually quoted during a press junket, declaring, “The third would very much be a finale and an ending.” So expect more hijinks from crazy Alan, player Phil, dentist Stu and I pray no more singing Mike Tyson, pleaaaaase!

It appears Warner Bros. aren’t messing around as it was reported earlier in the week that Hangover II writer Craig Mazin has been hired to pen the third film in the boozy franchise. So it looks like all parties seem eager beavers for a third round of carnage. But there is potentially one bearded chubby gentlemen who could put a massive spanner in the works and that is Zach Galifianakis. The standout performer in the films was reported as being vocally negative during filming of Part II, there’s always one! Remember when Mel Gibson was hired as the tattoo artist then was dramatically dropped from the role due to certain cast members taking a dislike to the addition, classic Alan. But with both films bringing home a considerable amount of bacon, that shouldn’t deter Galifianakis from a return.

A plot has yet to be revealed nor has a title, something more original and fresh like the second one should have been (!) would be appreciated – The Hangover – Return of the Roofies... But for now, fellow bloggers and film journo’s will be scattering their brains for potential locations and plotlines. Ibiza? London? Benidorm?! Even though I’m not fully backing a “threequel” a trip to Amsterdam or Prague perhaps may well be an encouraging venue. Just picture the Wolfpack taking in the seedy sites of the Red Light District. In an ideal world (if there is such a thing), dope dealing monkeys and animals altogether should be removed from joining in the bant, no psycho ex-heavyweight boxers and perhaps a few more genius cameos after Paul Giamatti’s scene stealing turn as a shady businessman/copper in the sequel. Whatever Todd Phillips decides, it’s fairly safe to say audiences will warm to a third film in the already highly successful franchise.

Written by Michael Cunneen

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